Eugen Bolz  1881 – 1945

Born in Rottenburg am Neckar 15th December 1881. Studied law at Tübingen, finishing his studies at Bonn and Berlin. Turning to politics as a career he joined the Centre Party which he represented at the Reichstag from 1915 to 1933, and also, between 1915 and 1933 was representative in the Württemberg Landtag
becoming Justice Minister in 1919 and Interior Minister in 1923.

Bolz was one of the Nazi regimes greatest opponents and was imprisoned for several weeks in a concentration camp in 1933. In 1941 he came in contact with the resistance circle around Carl Friedrich Goerdeler and worked with them in attempting to overthrow the Nazi regime. Their plans fell apart when Claus von Stauffenberg’s attempt to kill Hitler failed. Bolz was arrested on the 12th of August 1944 and on the 21st of December he was sentenced to death at the German “Peoples Court” (Volksgerichtshof). He was beheaded at Plötzensee prison in Berlin on the 23rd of January 1945.