Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Born 21st April 1926, is Queen of 16 sovereign states holding each crown and title equally. However, she is more directly involved with the United Kingdom, where the Royal Family resides and the Monarchy is historically indigenous. In legal theory, she is the most powerful Head of State in the world, although in practice she personally exercises little political, executive power.
On the occasion of her first visit to Germany in 1965, The Queen expressed a wish to visit “ Marbach”. By mistake, the royal equestrian enthusiast was taken to Marbach am Neckar on the assumption that it was the birthplace of Friedrich von Schiller that she wished to visit – a writer who was so critical of the monarchy !

During the visit the Queen is reported to have said “But where are the horses?” .

Embarrassed officials realized that her dearest wish had actually been to visit the Marbach stud near Gomadingen in the Swabian Alps.

Queen Elizabeth 2007

40 x 29 cm
Characol, Wash, Pencil