Wilhelm Maybach 1846 – 1929

Wilhelm Maybach was born in Heilbronn 9th February 1846. He graduated as an engineer and entered a factory of charitable status for orphans in Reutlingen.

It was here, at the age of 19, that he met Gottfried Daimler(1), who was 12 years his senior. The two became lifelong partners and friends and in 1890 

they formed the Daimler motor company in Canstatt, with Maybach acting Technical Director. In 1885 they patented a light four-stroke engine, which they first mounted on a bicycle and then on a carriage. He invented the float-fed carburettor and developed the internal expanding brake and the efficient honeycomb radiator.

In 1907 Maybach left the firm to establish his own factory, moving to Friedrichshafen by 1912 and assisted by his son Karl(2) they supplied engines to Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin to power his airships, Wilhelm handing over the control of the company to Karl.
After a long and inventive engineering life he 
died on Dec. 29th 1929.

(1) See portrait.
(2) See portrait.