Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  1749 – 1832

Celebrated Poet, dramatist, novelist and scientist. He travelled and studied widely including Tübingen, where he was reputedly sick from drinking too much in the local bars, (one of which sports a plaque bearing the legend, “Hier kotzte Goethe” (Goethe puked here).

Apart from his many literary achievements he made important scientific discoveries and evolved a non-Newtonian theory of light and colour, which has influenced many artists.

At the age of 74 he fell in love with the 19 year old Ulrike von Levetzow and followed her with high expectations from Marienbad to Karlsbad before returning disappointed to Weimar where he wrote the Marienbad Elegy, the most personal poem of his later years. He died in Weimar 22nd March 1832.