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  • Alexander von Gleichen-Russwurm  1865 – 1947

    Alexander von Gleichen-Russwurm  1865 – 1947

    The World’s Lure: fair Woman: Their Loves, Their Power, Their Fates. Text incomplete

  • Ferdinand Porsche 1875 – 1951

    Ferdinand Porsche 1875 – 1951

    Born in Haffersdorf, Bohemia, son of a village tinsmith. He showed early evidence of the technical genius to come, by wiring his family home for electricity. His only formal technical training was as a part-time engineering student in Vienna. By the age of 25 he had entered the field of automotive design and embarked on…

  • Hermann Hesse  1877 – 1962

    Hermann Hesse  1877 – 1962

    Herman Hesse was born in the Black Forest town Calw, of Christian Missionary parents who had served in India, returning to Calw in 1873, where they operated a missionary publishing house under the direction of Hesse’s grandfather, Hermann Gundert.Hermann Hesse spent the first years of his life surrounded by a spirit of Swabian piety to which…

  • Alfred Döblin  1878 – 1957

    Alfred Döblin  1878 – 1957

    Baden-Baden was the first stop on Alfred Döblin’s return to Germany after 13 years of exile. The inveterate big-city writer, now a French citizen, an officer with the Occupation Authority, lived through the winter of 1945-46 by himself in a bare room in a near-silent town with empty bookshops and little to eat. His official…

  • Albert Einstein  1879 – 1955

    Albert Einstein  1879 – 1955

    German-Swiss physicist, framer of the theories of Relativity. Born at Ulm, March 14th 1879. He published his first theory of Relativity in 1905 and in 1915 he issued his general theory. He received the Nobel prize for physics in 1921. He was deprived of his post as director of the Kaiser Wilhelm institute for Physics-…

  • Karl Maybach  1879 – 1960

    Karl Maybach  1879 – 1960

    Like his father, Karl Maybach was a brilliant designer of engines and automobiles. During his childhood in Cannstatt he was exited by watching his father and Gottfried Daimler create the worlds first motorcycle and in the following year, their first horseless carriage; the Reitwagen, which his father drove at the unprecedented speed of 15 km/ph along the…

  • Eugen Bolz  1881 – 1945

    Eugen Bolz  1881 – 1945

    Born in Rottenburg am Neckar 15th December 1881. Studied law at Tübingen, finishing his studies at Bonn and Berlin. Turning to politics as a career he joined the Centre Party which he represented at the Reichstag from 1915 to 1933, and also, between 1915 and 1933 was representative in the Württemberg Landtagbecoming Justice Minister in 1919 and…

  • Ernst Bloch  1885 – 1977

    Ernst Bloch  1885 – 1977

    Was a Marxist philosopher. He was born in Ludwigshafen, the son of a Jewish railway employee. He studied philosophy and married Karola Bloch, a Polish architect and his third wife, in Vienna in 1934. When the Nazis came to power , they had to flee, first to Switzerland, then to Austria, France, Czechoslovakia, and finally…

  • Oskar Schlemmer  1888 – 1943

    Oskar Schlemmer  1888 – 1943

    Born in Stuttgart on September 4th 1888. Both his parents died when he was still a child and by the age of 15 he was completely independent and fully supporting himself as an apprentice in a veneer inlay workshop. In 1906 he enrolled as a student at the StuttgartKunstgewerbeschule and he also studied at the Akademie der Bildendenkünste…

  • Erwin Rommel  1891 – 1944

    Erwin Rommel  1891 – 1944

    Born in Heidenheim 15th November 1891. His father was a headmaster at Aalen, his mother the daughter of a prominent local dignitary. As a young man he considered becoming an engineer and throughout his life he displayed extraordinary technical aptitude. However in 1910, at his father’s insistence, he joined the army as an officer cadet. Later, in World…